This I Believe

Daniel - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: golden rule

I believe in the “small things”. Small things like holding the door open for a stranger, flashing a friendly smile, or saying a quick “how do you do”. I believe that the small things are what get us through life. It’s these small details that often go overlooked, that are such a central part of my life. It is these things that make my day complete. These small acts of kindness say so much more about a person than any words they or anyone else could say. For this reason, I strive to live my life concerned especially with the small things. Often it is only necessary to ask, “how would I want to be treated?” or “how would that make me feel?”. These questions are ones of great importance that few people are willing, or conscientious enough to ask. When I ask myself, I am often surprised how easy it would be to take an extra second to make someone’s day a little brighter. Any time I offer to do something that makes me go out of my way, I am doing it because it pleases me to do so. It pleases me, because it pleases someone else. It is especially pleasing when they are completely taken aback, and grateful that someone would notice. I feel the most human in those moments. It is those moments when there is a genuine connection between two people, a connection that spans classes, genders, and generations. It is then, that I understand what life is all about. It isn’t about driving nice cars, or owning big homes, or impressing your friends. It isn’t about working feverishly to please the company. It is simply about making people happy, and living a happy life yourself. Often it is discouraging to hold open a door for someone, only to have them completely ignore it, or worse yet, be insulted because they incorrectly inferred that I only held it open because I thought they were incapable. However discouraging those events may be, it only strengthens my resolve to do it for everyone- especially people who ignore it. It is in essence, my effort to open their eyes to the true meaning of life.