This I Believe

Odie - Lawton, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe that the world can be anything you want it to be. I can remember a time when I was in only the second grade. At this time I was full of questions concerning the ever-expanding world around me, and the person who I could always count on to explain it was my grandpa. He seemed to have an answer to everything no matter how ludicrous the subject, and you can imagine the things an eight year old could dream up.

With the release of the movie Jurassic Park, I was convinced that dinosaurs could still exist in the world because I had never heard of life ending asteroids or ice age winters. I relayed my thoughts to my wise grandfather and he confirmed my suspicions. In fact, he told me “dinosaurs live on small islands in the Pacific Ocean,” but that they had “shrunk because there wasn’t enough food for them to stay big.” Of course anything that the man said was instantly the absolute truth. I left him that day knowing that I had a piece of information that every other kid in my class would love to know.

The next day I told my teacher what my grandpa had said believing that I would be commended on my excellent research methods. That was a belief that didn’t happen. When I returned to my grandpa and told him what Mrs. Simpson had said, advised me to “tell her that she’s full of,” well I think you can figure it out. In retrospect, I think not taking his advice was one of the smartest moves I ever made as an eight-year-old, but it caused me to question the absoluteness of my grandpa’s words. It was at this point that I formed my own theory that whatever you believe to be true, will be true. Presently, my grandpa still has his theories about the world that include aliens, government conspiracies, and secret technology implanted in devices all around us. What he believes is true to him, and what I believe is true to me. I can’t wait for the day when an island full of miniature dinosaurs is discovered.