This I Believe

Laura - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

This I Believe Essay

I believe in perfect parents. My parents have inspired me in so many ways from the first day that I came into this world. My mom, Susan and my dad, Rusty have instilled in me many of my beliefs, my faith, and hope. Through their dedication of being parents, they have helped me along to discover things on my own and were still there to catch me if I failed.

There are many times that the only thing that I have needed was an encouraging word from one of them, or to simply hear one of them tell me that they love me. They have never once told me that there is something that I cannot achieve or that there is a goal that they do not think that I can reach. The main reason I believe that they are the perfect parents is because they always act through love. Love is the strongest factor that keeps my family going strong.

There are certain times that come to mind when I thought that they just might be wrong about some of the parenting decisions that they had made, and I will admit I am sure it is not the last time that I might have a disagreement with one of them. I can specifically remember all of the times that my mom and I would fight about how I had too much make-up on and she would tell me that I was beautiful without it. I would simply give her a smirk and tell her that she was wrong. I look back now and realize how right she really was. It is not just about her being right in situations like that that makes her perfect. My mom was always great about letting silly things like that go and hoped I would figure it out on my own. My mom always let me be me.

I know my dad had a hard time when his baby girl began to start going on dates, but he always trusted me. My dad had never said much about the boys I have gone out with over the past few years, but I know that they one and only thing he cares about is that I am happy no matter what. I also don’t talk to him as much as I do my mom while I am at school, but he never fails to send me that Sonic gift certificate in the mail to make sure I can pick up that much needed diet cherry limeade after I get out of class.

I believe that all of the things my parents do have helped me become the person that I am today. My parents give me hope for my future when I will one day become a parent myself. I believe I am the luckiest girl on earth to have a family like the one I do.