This I Believe

david - norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This is what I believe paper

Once when I was around nine years old I was at my grandfathers house helping him prepare for one of our Native American Church services. As I was sweeping out the altar I saw a spider and so killed it. Now my grandfather was always very kind towards me, and I can never remember him ever yelling at me. However this time he did, he yelled at me and told me that our people have a special relation ship with spiders, that some times our dead relations will come back to visit us and that when they do the will come back in the form of a spider. He said this was why I was never to kill one again and that as long as I followed this way that they would protect me and never bite me, unless I was doing something that I was not supposed to do in the first place.

Ever since then I have never killed a spider. As a matter of fact I got into a couple of fights in the Marine Corps protecting spiders from pissed off Marines with big boots. That is how much I believe in this. Maybe it is because my whole life I’ve never been bit, or maybe because that was the only time my grandfather ever, ever even thought about yelling at me. And I figure that if it was important enough for him to have raised his voice at me then it is something I should always honor.