This I Believe

Cally - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the wind. Always coming, and ever changing, I view my life to be a set of situations constantly forming me and forever ushering change. All of life is about change. At one moment, I am standing on the edge of a great cliff, trying to figure out how to cross it, and before a plan can even be meditated upon, I am being blown to the other side and landing in a place I had not anticipated landing. When choosing colleges I always knew I wanted to go to Catholic University in Washington, DC. I had turned in my application early, and had letters of recommendations written by my deacon and favorite teachers. I said to myself, “This is where I want to be.” When I got my acceptance letter in early January, I was thrilled. But, then I toured the school. It did not feel right. I was distraught. I had the same feeling with my safety schools, none of them were right. I went back to the files where I kept all of my letters of proposals from schools, and OU stuck out at me. I applied late. “Oh well, I still have Catholic,” I said. Then in April, the windy days brought about a change. I was accepted. I toured. I had found my school, the University of Oklahoma. If I had not taken chances and been blown off course, I would have never found where I am today. All that I do, and all that I have done, blows me in the directions that I believe God has destined. Yet again, I feel great change approaching as I reach the beginning of the end to my college career, I am nervous and anxious for the future, but never frightened, because the wind will carry me where to where I need be. I must take chances and not be afraid to be swept around. I do not believe that I solely shape my life. I believe that it is in instances where I am whisked off track that truly shapes the person I am ever evolving into. I believe the wind blew me to Oklahoma.