This I Believe

Adelina - Sierra Vista, Arizona
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: birth

This I believe…

After waiting for ten long months, my son finally graced me with his birth, the perfect missing piece to the puzzle of my life. At such a small age, so helpless and needy, he has become the meaning of life and so much more. Everything I believe in is only because of him. As he begins to learn about the world around him, I learn all over again of the simple pleasures in life I have so carelessly over looked in resent years. My son has become my faith, my inspiration and my hope for the future that anything is possible; this I believe.

Within him I have found faith that I once would have said I lost. A simple cough brings me to my knees, begging that his innocence will keep him from harm. I have found that he is worth living for, worth waking up at all hours of the night when he is sick and he has renewed and redefined my belief in God. This precious gift I have been given brings me back down to earth and I realize anything is possible. The glass now appears half full instead of half empty because nothing is empty with him.

I’m inspired to be a better person now that he is here, so impressionable. With this in mind, I hope he will learn the family values instilled within me that I have forgotten at times. His inspiration leads me to each day, figuring out every possibility when shadows linger in the path of Life. Now there’s a reason to stand and fight for a future that he will soon become apart of.

The future is nothing more than the unknown, which we are all frightened of. Being a mother, it terrifies me to think that my son may be unsafe in the next decades of life. Right now I am given a chance to mold the future. By teaching him correctly to be polite and courteous, he becomes a hope that the future will not be a lost cause. Perhaps he will become a doctor and save lives or maybe a scientist that creates a cure. He is my hope that the future will be in good hands, that life will continue when I am gone and that perhaps he will instill within his children the same concepts I tried to offer him. I want the ability that when he becomes a man, I can say I am truly proud of the person I brought into this world.

Time will pass by quickly and before I know it, the baby wrapped tightly in my arms will soon find his own wings and leave me. Although this is hard to think of now, I will forever remember what he has given me. He will never understand the faith I have because of him, and the inspiration to live or my hope for a better future. This I believe is given to me only because of my son.