This I Believe

Jonathan - norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe. Blind Faith is the essence of things imagined and the evidence of things untrue. I’m continually baffled that people of average human intelligence can put so much stock into what is essentially smoke and mirrors. The ironic thing is that each faction thinks that they are correct and are quick to condemn differing beliefs when all the while the concepts of faith are alike just not in the same context.

In no other phenomena except mythology can one completely ignore the empirical truths that are evident and instead substitute reality with the fanciful and not be labeled a lunatic. The hypocrisy, division, and discord that ultimately results from devotion to the many dreamed up messiah’s of the world is nothing if not harmful and yet new and more esoteric superstitions continue to spring up everyday. The utter ridiculousness of blind faith should be clear when instead of dealing with an issue that is unpleasant, all a “believer” is required to do is utter nonsensical statements like “ I give it all to any deified person or object and this entity will handle it”. I cannot understand why a large quantity of the populace cannot accept the things they cannot change and that devotion to an “omnipotent” “omnipresent” “divine” figure is not going to change that.

The difference between the secular and the religious is that the religious seek to mobilize the supernatural. The difference to me is the secular is the authentic and the religious is a fictional foray into sating the human longing for closure. Despite my seemingly militant belief’s I believe there was a creator. All scientific exploits up until now corroborate this notion by disproving the idea of abiogenesis. I also believe that although this being exists it is wholly unnecessary to attempt to attribute powers to this being and petition it to intervene in your existence to make it more bearable. I believe that the mob mentality that comes about from various denominations espousing their doctrines while simultaneously denouncing any who don’t fall into line with their convictions is detrimental to the homeostasis and the progressive future of the world. I understand that conditioning, syncretism, and tradition will be almost impossible to overcome in the hereafter, but alas I have faith.