This I Believe

Leslie - Richmond, Texas
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

It was very frightening to me to be an only child and attend a college that was more than seven hours away from home. I really could never bear to start off my daily routine without allowing some time to grieve for my mom and dad back home. I also left a boyfriend of about a year (which I just assumed would mean we were going to be married someday because I mean, come on, this guy has stayed with me longer then any other person.) The first three months of college was a living nightmare for me to endure; I constantly counted the days until the first holiday where I could drive the seven hour trip back home.

Then things began to change. I decided that I had no choice, but to like it here at the college I had selected, after all I have to be here for three more years. My only plan of action was to break up with my Oh-my-goodness-we-are-gonna-get-married boyfriend (obviously getting rid of my parents we not an option, so I decided I would just have to settle for missing them everyday). Of course my boyfriend from seven hours away took the news extremely hard, and at first I had wondered if I had made the correct decision.

The next events are truthfully all a blur. I needed to start dating boys (or “men” as they would like to be referred). For me to sum up this experience in one short remark I would have to say “Urghh!!!” I began to feel even more alone and now this time I can add “hopelessness” into the mix. With about one month left in my first semester I called my parents to ask them if I could come back home and continue at our local community college, they agreed.

Well, I am still here at the same college and it is the spring semester. “Why?” You may acquire from me. It is quite simple: I believe in love that does not ever try to be convenient for any person. I mean, there was a whole solid three month span were I had made ample opportunities to meet Chad and learn what love really is, but of course love had to rear its head on the week before finals and giving my a solid two weeks before coming home to decide if I liked this guy enough to come back to a place I wanted so badly to get away from. I mean could love ever be more inconvenient! In short, inconvenient love made me return to college to give a Chad a chance (I mean, it was only fair). The fact is without Chad in the picture, I would have never gotten over the fact that I was so alone because I never tried to experience college at all. Without inconvenient love there would not be a man (literal sense this time) sitting here, holding my hand and teaching me how to live again.