This I Believe

Janice - Claremore, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

It is common for many children to think of their dads as superman and as they grow older they begin to see him as human. I am now 19, and I still look up to my dad as if he were superman. He is by far the most intelligent person I have ever known. Being raised by his preacher grandfather, my dad grew up in a very religious strict atmosphere where the rules of the church were never to be questioned. Although my dad was raised this way, he still maintained the ability to rationalize and question. Because he had a thirst for knowledge and understanding he researched many religions and read many books about religions. My father and I have had many discussions about the world and religion. We have compared what I have learned through classes and observations with the knowledge my dad has gained. We have discussed how most religions have the same simple guidelines hidden under complex practices and rituals. One main guideline that most religions state is to be a good person. My father’s knowledge helped me find the underlying concept of all religions to which I live my life.

I believe in being a good person and treating others the way I would like to be treated. My belief flows around the concept of karma, the thought that what goes around comes around. I think that being a good person is the best way to insure a life of fulfillment. One important part of being a good person, involves not gossiping or speaking negatively of others. I feel that all that negativity that goes into such emotions as hatred and jealousy can really harm my soul. I try to avoid those emotions because I would rather think of positive things. I also try to help those in need, whether it is a friend who needs help getting back on their feet or just someone to talk too. I am by no means a push over, but I try to not participate in negative things like gossiping and lying. I am not certain what will happen when the world ends but I do know that by being a good person I can lead a happy life.