This I Believe

Jay - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I first wake up in the morning I am usually searching for my phone in an attempt to find out what time it is. I reach over my fiancé and knock over cups and shove keys off of the old table I’ve recently converted into a nightstand. I should probably invest in a large digital clock and nail it to the wall opposite my bed. That might make it a little bit easier to figure out how long I’ve overslept. The problem with that is, my wallet has the frustrating ability to stay empty constantly.

My job as a tutor at the University helps a little. It comes fairly close to paying the bills every month, but that’s not saying much. The University’s payroll sends out checks every two weeks. It is already a long time to wait for my earned pay, but when you add onto the two weeks however long it takes me to finally make it back to my bank and deposit it into my checking account it becomes much longer. The fact that the bank I’ve kept an active checking and savings account is located a good half hour from where I live doesn’t improve the situation any.

This is why I believe in direct deposit. Direct deposit is a life saver. It is the extreme case of efficiency when it comes to monetary reimbursement. Virtually all of the hassles immediately associated with “getting paid” disappear. There’s no chance of losing my check. I don’t even need to have my check, ever. There are no more un-necessary trips to the bank. This actually ends up saving me money in the long run. And best of all, the money is in my account at midnight on payday. This means I can get straight out of bed at 6:00AM on payday and go buy my digital clock and all of the supplies I need to mount it. No more sleepless nights wondering whether or not I’m getting up in time for “The Price is Right”.

There are many other such programs available for things like bill paying. These don’t strike me as deep as direct deposit. Paying bills is something that I wouldn’t mind waiting awhile to do. I’d rather hold onto the little cash I have for as long as possible. Some people might argue that something as trivial as direct deposit does not warrant a personal belief in it. I disagree. If I stop believing in things like direct deposit, it may very well cease to exist. This would put a tormenting damper on my life as a college student.