This I Believe

Elizabeth - Dallas, Texas
Entered on January 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Journals and Muffins Galore…

In the words of Forrest Gump, “life [is] like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” -mine is more like a blueberry muffin. For example, when you bake a batch of muffins no two are the same; the number of blueberries, size and shape are all different, the same as each day I live. I have a daily routine that I follow, but I can’t plan out everyone phone call, argument or joke. With the uncertainty of each day comes an incredible amount of stress that most college students are bound to feel at sometime in their first year. In high school, rather than screaming or venting my anger at a friend, I would bake.

As a self-proclaimed “bakeologist”, I practice the art of “Bakeology”. Baking lets me have the opportunity to create something that makes other people feel good as well as myself. I have discovered that the better I make people feel around me the better I feel about myself. The more stressed I feel, the more intricate my project will be. For example, I remember I thought I failed a European History test so I decided to bake a homemade four-layer chocolate cake- it was perfection. I felt a rush as I tasted my cake… who needs drugs when you have a spatula anyway? After an argument with a friend I will bake a simple cookie or muffin recipe- 99% chance of being correct. I figure this is just a way to reassure my hardheaded brain that I’m right.

After a successful “Bakeology” experience, I write the recipe down in my journal to remember my masterpiece- call me strange but I feel good knowing I did something right. The better I feel about myself, the lower my stress level is. After my recipe entry, I journal about my day, my friends and prayer requests. Though there is an obsession with baking present, I also have a strong Christian faith, causing some confusion among my friends who do not understand the relief I experience from baking. They ask why I can’t be content in knowing that the Lord is watching over me. I know he is watching, but journaling about how I need the Lord’s help is not enough. Yes, I know he loves me, but I need to physically do something that makes me feel good too, like baking. It’s something that I’m good at and enjoy. I don’t get joy out of “normal” things like running or reading. Who is to say that I should only be satisfied in my knowledge that God loves me?

I believe that life is like a blueberry muffin. Now that I am in college, I bake microwavable-friendly recipes. Though they are usually small, I believe I am creating something awesome.