This I Believe

Brent - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe I know nothing about God. I know just enough to know I know nothing at all. Is God real? The more I read and learn, the less I know. The more I live my life, the harder it gets to answer this question. The more I search, the less I find. One could ponder the earth their entire life and return knowing just as much about God as they did prior to their travels, regardless of whom they asked or where they went.

Could God be in every one of us or could it be that God is nowhere and in none of us? Is God simply an illusion of safety for most of the human race? A false sense of security that makes us feel secure and safe even when we are in the most troubling of situations because we are duped into believing that God is looking out for us.

Maybe I am alone. At times it just seems easier if I chose to be a nihilist, to just believe that nothing that I do or say in this lifetime will have an affect after I die and I should do nothing more than what my instincts tell me. I could live my life drinking as much as I wanted, not caring how uncivilized or meaningless the life that I was living was, and even giving up all responsibilities in this world.

But that is not who I am. Even though I know I will never find the answer to God’s existence does that mean that I should stop searching? God’s purpose could be for me to never figure out the answer, because the answer cannot be found in the physical world around us and only within the core myself can I find God.

What it boils down to is that there is no answer to this question and no one will ever find an answer. I might use up many of my days, months and even years of time contemplating if God is real. In that time of searching, even if I never find any glimpse of an answer, I learned more about myself than anything else in the world could ever have taught me.