This I Believe

Jonathan - Norman, Oklahoma
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Would You Be Friends With Yourself?

I believe that experiencing human interactions with others is the basis of living and enjoyment of life. Developing, nurturing and maintaining relationships are a way of expanding yourself. The way one views them self has a profound effect on what they actually become. Many times the way someone behaves or acts ends up defining them in a certain way which is hard to break out of. When one views them self has introverted or shy their brain tells them to act introverted or shy when situations are presented to reinforce your image of yourself. The way for someone to become who they believe they should be is to have a positive image of one self. I constantly feel when I have a positive self image that people react in differently than before. It is an old cliché that usually when someone has a romantic desire to be with you it is mainly when you already are in a committed relationship. Being in that relationship boosts your self image and you end up acting more positive than you did before which influences those around you.

The way you perceive life has an effect on the way to behave and the decisions you make. When you are alone you tend to behave differently than when you are with others. You tend to drive more aggressively or do things others may view as questionable. I call this first-person thought; usually people stuck in first person thought are deemed as immature. Another form of thought is when you are with another person or a select few you tend to behave in a more acceptable manner than as if you were alone. I know I drive differently when I have someone riding with me. Your mind tends to go through a process of selecting subjects or events to talk about which will heighten your connection with these people. This is where you can connect on a more intimate level with others and develop relationships. I call this second-person or group. Finally the last form of thought is third-person this is when you are in a large group or around people you are not familiar with. In this perception your mind analyzes your actions and judges them by the way you perceive them to interpret them.

Your mind constantly changes through these different perceptions of self to dynamically fit any situation that comes your way. This is the marvelous way human brains develop and connect random points of information into a stunning web of efficiency.

The more you interact on a second-person and the more information you disseminate from third-person perception the more you can develop a self image of yourself and grow as a person. Put yourself in others shoes and view yourself in their eyes. Gaining more perspectives raises a lot of questions about you and your options and thoughts on vast amount subjects. The main question is would you want to be friends with yourself?