This I Believe

Demi - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity


I am a small ten year-old who loves writing. I write everyday in my own imagination. I go to school, and plan my own type of stories. I get my ideas from books, and someday I would like to have my stories published like the books I read. My mother is named Marcy and my father’s name is Mark. I’m the oldest out of four. I live in Colorado and have the most fun class. My teacher is hilarious, his name is Mr. Gauen and he teaches me a lot of things about writing and many other things. I’m in 4th grade and I love it! Learning is my most favorite thing.

I believe that people should act their own way. I believe that if you act the wrong way, you start the wrong way. You can act in a play, but act as yourself everyday. You can also be yourself by doing what you love, not what other people love. Being yourself helps you make friends because people like you for who you are.

When I was a chubby baby I acted my baby way. As I grew older my life changed, I started school and noticed my writing. It was fancy and interesting. I started writing stories at home in my dad’s office, where all the paper comes from. Now, I write stories on my family’s computer. My first story I wrote on the computer was called, “The Lucky Bracelet.”

As I become a better writer, these years grow short and I grow tall, I still have my better future as an author. Even if I’m not on the cover, I’ll write these days until I die. Never be someone else but yourself.