This I Believe

Walter - elmira, New York
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: children

This I Believe

I believe our children are at one and the same timeour unbreakabletie to the pastandthe thin ribbonthat binds us to the future.I believethey embodyour greatest gift to the future and thecumulated curse of our ancestoral past.I believe this in the most literal way.I believe. The genes our children carry bearthe gifts we have collected over millenia,inteligence,persistence.understandig,empathy,beauty, aall bound up in the delicate strand of base pairs.Along with these giftsthey also bearour burdenscollected through the ages by countless ancestors. Tendencies for disease,personality flaws,emotional weakness everything including the seeds of their own demise magically packaged in the one hundred thousand or so genes that define us to grater degree than most people realize.

I know this all sounds very predetermined,that our children are the inevitable slaves of their DNA.Although I belive we are profoundly influenced by our chemistry,I still believein the power of each individualchild to make his or her own way. I believe.Every moment we spend with them .Every story we tell them. Every lesson we teach them.They will carry forward to their children and their children’s children. I believe long after we pass from this tiny blue orb.The word we have used willechofrom the mouths of our descendants. I believe children benefit from both a mom and a dad.I believe mom’s encourage and comfort providing safety in a challenging world.I believe dad’s instill a sense of risk and adventure .Without either of these gifts children’s lives are poorer.The time we spend with our children is the most valuable time we have on earth.There is nothing more important no matter what we do for a living.The resources we expend on our childrenis the best use of the we will ever make of anything in our lives.The most important expenditures we make on our children’s behalfis on their education.Here expenditures spent before the age of eight bear a much greater dividend than later expenditures.Education unlocks a child’s potential. It broadens their view and understanding. It makes them see the vastnes of the challenges tha confront us all.

I believe their are times we are tempted to do too much for our children. Give them too much. Make their way easier than ours has been. Wisdom is knowing when not to give. when a gift will lessen a child’s reachinstead of add to it.

Finally, I believe the time we have with our children is all too short. The years fly bye from the time we bring them int our lives until the moment they venture into the world on their own. Enjoy every minute. Love them every day.