This I Believe

Marci - Tampa, Florida
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that playing piano is the best way to express my emotions. I grew up playing piano. I have learned different songs from many genres. The piano is my outlet when I have emotions pent up inside of me that I have no better way of dealing with. Touching the keys is my personal favorite thing to do when I’m depressed. I play when I feel like it, and not when people want to sing along or hear a concerto because it sounds “cool.”

My life is just like a piano recital. There are many steps in order to have an amazing recital. First, a great teacher is needed, one who is a master at reading music and good at explaining and inspiring. Second, time is needed. The student must be willing to devote her time to learn how to play each piece and to practice every day.

During a recital, my mentality is that I have practiced whenever my mood made it easier for me and I arrive prepared to perform. The night of a recital is the one time I play because someone has told me to. I am ready to impress. I have a stage and everyone is watching me. It is my moment of glory, to show the audience what I have been working.

Like sometimes in life, things can go wrong, I may hit the wrong note in a song. I get frustrated with myself because I know I played the song a hundred times through perfectly at home. My teacher always told me that when I am performing, and I mess up, I should act as if I played it perfectly. The audience doesn’t know the music; they don’t know I made a mistake. In life everyone makes mistakes, including bad decisions. Messing up during a performance is like messing up in life. I could live in the past, regretting everything and wondering what would happen if I were perfect, but through my piano lessons, I have learned to keep going as if nothing went wrong. It is my life, I can play it however I want.