This I Believe

bradley - pagosa springs, Colorado
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

i believe that faith is the weak cousin of spiritual reality. if you think about it, faith requires an absence of proof about the generally important things which one chooses to hold in faith. direct experience and knowledge seem to be stronger foundations for one’s spiritual environment.

when one is constrained by a constructed faith system yet experiences aspects of spirituality which authorities deem impossible, which will you choose to believe? it is as if someone had absolute faith that you couldn’t hop in your car and drive off. they have holy scriptures which say you can’t. they have never seen you or anyone do so. their fathers and forefathers have logic systems proving you can never do so, and yet when you drive off you can never take their word for reality again, can you?

in a similar way when one is born (like others) recalling past live segments, when one has communicated with the divine on several levels, had “non-logical” psychic events and cosmic consciousness experiences, then one has no real choice but to let God out of his religious box and dance with such love that you cannot remain unchanged.

then life becomes a conscious choice of whether this next act will be selfish or an expression in line with divine love and will.

i believe i fail this test all too often. i believe i will keep trying not to fail. i believe it is worth it.