This I Believe

Tony - Umea, Sweden
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Hard work pays off

In the world we live in today I’m sure that most of us can agree on that nothing comes for granted. A big part of life is to take care of the opportunities given to us, and in my mind there’s only one way to earn those opportunities, through hard work. I believe that with hard work and a strong commitment, there are no hurdles high enough to keep a person away from his or her dreams.

Reaching our goals, fulfilling our dreams is something we all should at least attempt to achieve. I’m sure of that every human being at least has something they dream of, but for most of us unfortunately those dreams remain as just dreams. No more, no less. It’s much easier to take the simple way out, as it often can be a bit tough to face all the hard work that keeps us away from our goals. For some these goals can be just small everyday things, others may want to make a difference in the world. No matter what the goals are, throughout it all a big personal effort is needed to succeed. This is a philosophy a soccer coach of mine once clearly stated for me, words that I’ve carried with me to this very day.

I was probably 11, maybe 12 at the time and we had a big cup final coming up, determining the county’s best team of the season. Our coach had just told us that instead of an ordinary practice, we were going to fitness train with a 4 km long jogging session. Everybody, including myself was far from positive about it, and tried hard and long to avoid it. In a desperate encouraging act, our coach told us;”You’ll never win anything, unless you all put your hardest work into it”. No one took any greater notice of what he just had said, and instead against our will we started to run. Everybody was completely exhausted afterwards, stating we would never run a single meter again.

We won the cup by the way. Playing our best soccer for long and defeating our perhaps greatest rival at the time, a team we had struggled to beat for several years.

Thinking back on it today I’m sure that jogging session played a significant part in our success. No matter how exhausted and tired we were afterwards, we soon realised that in the end, all the hard work was for the better. The path to fulfilling our dreams is not always straight, and a lot of obstacles have to be cleared along the way to reach our goals. Even though everything may seem pitch black at times, I think that it’s important to remember that through hard work, brighter days will be waiting along the corner.

Hard work really pays off. No matter of who you are, where you are and whatever you want to achieve, as long as you want it badly enough.

This I Believe