This I Believe

Josefin - 906 29 Umeå, Sweden
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

This I believe

Someone who is not ready to hear the truth shouldn’t ask a child, because they will not lie just to be kind.

– What a nice haircut you have. Have you cut your hair recently?

– Yes my mom cut my hair yesterday maybe she could cut your hair too because it looks kind of shabby.

That honest answer was given to me a few weeks ago when I was visiting my aunt and her two small sons between the ages of five and three. I was surprised that he could be so honest without worrying how I would react. But right after I remembered that children are experts at telling the truth.

If a small child is asked a question, he or she will automatically, without thinking, give a straight and honest answer because children have not yet learned that the truth sometimes hurts. They have also not the knowledge that lying can give benefits and escaping from having to deal with unpleasant consequences.

As soon as that innocence every child owns disappears their honesty will also. I will not lie; truth is sometimes hard to practise when I know that by lying I will get off much easier. At the same time I believe in facing your problems and not running away from them so I have made a promise to myself to be as honest as possible and face the difficulties straight on instead of running from them. I take the bull by its horns because otherwise the bull will come back and attack me when I’m off guard.

Children are so charmingly naive that you can’t do nothing else but laugh even though the truth is getting splashed right in your face. I wish that I could face every situation like children do with straight up honesty. They don’t care what the other person will think about them after telling them the truth. The reason is possibly that children are not as psychologically developed as grownups but does that mean that it’s not good? In this case I believe that it is a good thing and if more grownups would have just a small bit of the honesty that small children possess the world would be a more truthful place. This I believe