This I Believe

Emmelie - 90624, Sweden
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love


Pearl-shaped tears streamed down my face with warmth and love. All of a sudden I smiled.

He was tall and handsome. I was young and vulnerable with a heart of glass. He laughed in a way that made my body shiver with lust. I walked towards him with a confidence smaller than the ant on my foot but with an ox’s strength. I slipped on the frost-frozen soil but before I hit the ground he grabbed my arm with a smooth grip and got me up on my feet again. He turned his head away from me and began to walk away, illuminated by the shimmering moon. I closed my eyes and felt a fire burning in my heart, the love-fire.

The steps that would bring me home felt impossible to take. The breath seemed to become heavier as I walked away from the sparkling person who I just met. My feet suddenly refused to walk. The magnetism between us was too strong. I had to turn back.

When I stared up in the sky the clouds had blown away and all that was left was a bright, star-patterned heaven that led me towards the light that made my heart burn.

He opened the door and touched my hand with his cotton-fingers. The electricity that filled the room almost killed me but when he caressed his raspberry-red lips against mine I felt more alive than ever. His breath embraced me like a down comforter and mind-kissed my thoughts.

I flew.

I think people are like small dots on earth, each one filled with their own love- perfume ready to spread over someone who walks around with a sense of desire. We’re all looking for the diamond that will make our lives glisten like prisms. They are out there, in the winter- white landscape of snowflakes who are just waiting to merge with you.

In the spring the snowflakes turn into water that murmurs like a stream along the spine. It makes us quiver like an aspen but with a serenity that can make a baby fall asleep.

This feeling of total happiness can make me cry in the most joyful moments. I feel more alive than ever and my inner glow reincarnates. A tear is no longer a tear but a proof that I am about to bloom again.

Rose-red passion and summer-warm feelings are a gift from God to humanity.

This is believe.