This I Believe

Ronald - Harlingen, Texas
Entered on January 30, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: respect

I believe in respect. The very base of my personality which has been a conglomeration of my parents’ and grandparents’ values passed on for centuries in my family and culture. I have dealt with people and have won over their affections and respect as well where others have failed. My safety net of values is the core of my existence, respect for each and every human being and all things. I believe that respect is contagious that even the person in highest authority would respond and reflect that value.

The years when I was learning how to speak, my parents taught me to say the word “OPO” as an affirmative reply to anyone and it has been imbedded in my mind ever since. I have earned my respect amongst my relatives and my friends and every people I meet along the way because I have respected them by all means possible and have always bore in mind the phrase “First Impressions Last” which is undoubtedly true when it comes to giving respect.

I believe that respect begets respect and I have observed and experienced for a fact in my daily dealings with people around me. Respect sires soothing words which in turn soothes the feelings when those words are thrown out to people and consequently favorable situations and communications will arise.

I believe that even if I do not love one person as I would love myself for whatever reason, but as long as I have respect for that person and that person has respect for me, I will be able to live with that person my entire life. I have seen people fall out of love for their spouse yet have lived together because they have respect for each other. Everything is now based on their respect for each other and not the love that they have anymore.

My actions and the way I behave are dictated unconsciously by my feelings of respect for man or material objects.

It is easy for me not to destroy or vandalize anything because I have respect for it. I have learned to reduce the chances of someone getting hurt because I have respect for that person and know that disrespectfulness will definitely hurt. I have learned to control my weight because I have respect for myself. I have not abused the system of government because I have respected it and have not done any crime. I have learned not to be belligerent because I have respect for people and prevented atrocities and arguments. I have gotten what I have ever wanted because I respected what others wanted. I know I will not be electrocuted if I know how to respect electricity. Remember the phrase “Play with fire and you will get burned”? I may give love but not always do I get it in return. Give respect and you’ll definitely get one in return.

I have come a long way and my respectfulness has never failed to see me through all the challenges in dealing with people.

Respect is an essential part of everyday living. When people talk to me, it is easy for me to understand them if I have respect for them and I am not being condescending and vice versa. We can speak out our thoughts without the fear of getting into an argument when we feel respected. Respect is the foundation of a good relationship with anyone or anything.