This I Believe

Sanah - Beverly Hills, California
Entered on January 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, pleasure

This I Believe……

I believe in family dinners. The tradition began with my forefathers in Iran and in Afghanistan. I am told that as children, my parents and my ancestors before them would sit together every night to enjoy their evening meal. So my parents taught me about the tradition. As I grow older, I realize the benefits of this important event of the day. In my case, it is a great time to talk about the news of that day. I usually talk about the events of my fifth grade class. If there is a particular problem and I need advice, my parents are always happy to help. Dinner time can also be an occasion for laughter and fun. My dad usually tells us jokes after dinner. I strongly believe that having fun and laughing together brings us closer together. Family dinners are not just about eating a proper meal, but they are about putting family first and making sure that the food is digested properly.

Dinner time is the time to focus on your family. In my home, watching television, reading, and using electronic equipment including computers are out of the question during dinner time. If the phone rings while we are having dinner, we let the caller leave a message. These distractions could disrupt our quality time together. There is only one special time of the day that you can see your family without any outside interuptions. For my family and most others, it is dinner time. During the day, parents are usually at work, and the brothers and sisters are at school or in their room doing homework. Therefore, everyone should take advantage of this time. It is a time to relax. It could be late, but my family and I still manage to sit around the dinner table together. This habit also helps us avoid health problems in the future.

Being relaxed while having dinner is not only beneficial for families in general, but it is also good for everyone’s digestion. Some people are too busy with work and have to grab something and eat it on the way back to or from work. If people eat while they are stressed or busy working, they could easily get stomach problems.

I treasure our family dinners since they have become the best part of my day. That is why I highly recommend that to everyone. I think all families should set aside some time of the day to sit around a table. Sharing thoughts and ideas routinely can strenghthen family values. All the talks, laughter, and fun stories that we share during dinner time brings us closer. I know I will pass this wonderful tradition on. This I believe……