This I Believe

Coyotes - Arco, Idaho
Entered on January 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Picture this …

A way of walking symbiotically on the mother, where each action that provides your nourishment gives life back to her. When you dig the roots that feed you, you give the seeds a place to take root. When you pick & eat the berries she gives you, you poop them out and allow more to grow. When you gather the pine nuts, you plant them back at the same time, ensure there will be more. When you hunt meat, you use each part the animal provides. We call this reach-around. We call this giving-back. We call this Walking in beauty.

We are offering this lifeway; Returning to the hoop. Many prophecies speak of a returning to a way of life symbiotic to the mother – becoming Human again; here is the opportunity to be that Human Being.

There are a series of Camps as the Seasons Change. The first is Root Festival, in Arco Idaho, occurring during the weeks of the Summer Solstice. At this time, we’ll be gathering roots & seeds, and celebrating this Return to Harmony.

Soon after is Berry Camp, wherever the berries are on. This is usually from early July to late August.

In the fall, September to October, is Pinion Camp. During this camp, we’ll be collection Pinion nuts, and also planting our gatherings from Root Camp & Berry Camp.

During the Winter is WinterCamp, which will be in Nevada this year. Brain-Tanning Hides, making cakes from the foods we gather, and story and song sharing are the focuses of this camp.

The Returning is available for those who choose it. Each of us is invited to walk in harmony with the earth once again.