This I Believe

Marusol - East Quoque, New York
Entered on January 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, tolerance

“Reality is never pretty”

I believe and know reality is never pretty. In reality, there are tons of racist, bulling and suffering going around and we never really show it. In movies there is mostly fantasy, love and happiness. Open your eyes; our world is not completely happy.

I am an Asian freshman in high school and during my fourteen years of living I noticed sadness going on around the world. In middle school, seventh grade I was discriminated by white boys who only cared on how popular they were. They came up to me speaking some made up language and asking if I understood. I ignored them but it was always hard to.

Bullying goes on forever in this world and would never probably end. We have fun seeing bullying so it continuous. An example is pointing to the fat person when someone cuts the cheese. It’s hilarious but can be hurtful to some people. We always cover bullying by saying “were joking” and it’s never solved.

I believe that reality is never pretty but somehow I don’t despise it. If everyone was happy it would be nice but seeing only smiles can be freaky after a while. I’m not saying reality is the worst thing in the world. I believe that reality can be pretty sometimes and that movies exaggerate everything.