This I Believe

April - Lenexa, Kansas
Entered on January 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

How Precious Life Is

A pivotal moment in my life was when I got in the worst car accident. I was driving along 75th street with my friend and my seatbelt beeper kept beeping because she didn’t have it on. She then put it on. Literally fifteen seconds later a car pulled out in front of me and there was nothing I could do. She was five feet in front of me. I slammed my brakes on and it didn’t help at all. She even had a yield sign, with her light being solid when she needed an arrow. My airbags came out and burned my arm. The windshield had cracked major and many chemicals were in the air everywhere I looked. We were breathing it all in and I could barely breath because my lungs were hurting so bad. I tried to get out and open the door but it wouldn’t open, for it was jammed shut. I then crawled out the passengers side. I was totally out of it and all shaken up. That was a terrible experience in my life, and hope to never have it happen again. I now go to a chiropractor four days a week to help with the injuries.

It really showed me how precious each moment of life is and how you should cherish it. Don’t waste time. At any moment your life could be ruined. I always think twice before doing things and appreciate every one and every thing that makes me happy, smile and laugh. You never know what life may bring you next.