This I Believe

Benjamin - Bozeman, Montana
Entered on January 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe


What is a family? A family is loving, friendly, kind, honest, trusting, and courteous to each other. They respect each other, are there for one another and they have tons of fun together. A family doesn’t have to be blood related. My best friend’s family is also like a family to me. Families are simply those who care for you.

There are five people in my family and we all care about each other. My mom and dad are especially caring. They take care of me my brother and sister. Mom is the cook and makes a great dinner almost every night. Then there’s Dad. He works hard to support our family. He’s the eat your vegetables kind of guy and stacks carrots on our plates every meal. He stays up to the “wee” hours of the morning doing work he didn’t get done because he was spending time with the family. Next there’s myself. I am 13 years old, the oldest and entering teenage-hood but still am a part of our great family. I can get really annoyed with my family but I love them and care the world for them.

Our family has a lot of fun together. Michael is an awesome younger brother and we hang out a lot. He likes what I like, and we play with the same things. Our family hikes, camps, or just plays cards together. We like spending time together.

A family is there for you. My father took a sabbatical to Switzerland for 6 months. We kids were enrolled into public school and had a crash course in French. We, being foreign and not knowing the language were not accepted by the other kids. Michael was excluded from games: he would go up to a group and have them say “No, no. You can’t play.” Our family was there for him every day, not just 1 day a week not just 8 to 5 Monday-Friday but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Some days even I had bad days when I felt excluded. But, our family was there for me. And many days I would take alternate ways to school so I wouldn’t have to pass other people on their ways to school (I walked fast). When I got home, though, I knew that my family would always be there to even just ask how school was. This gave us security and a sense that we were cared for (which we were).

I try to be like a family every day. In school, I have some friends who are bullied constantly. I am compassionate and try to always be like a family to them. I also try to respect and act kind to everyone and they in turn respect me as well. I believe that as one family from God we should act as such.

Families are a fundamental part of life today. I believe in the power of a family.