This I Believe

Murray - W. Hempstead, New York
Entered on January 28, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: creativity

My Easy Button

For Five Dollars I purchased an Easy Button from Staples. In the commercial about this little toy I saw great and beneficial things occur to people. For example, the earth opened up to destroy a raging enemy or disabling office problems were dispensed with easily. I thought that the mindset which allows difficulties to germinate into paralysis is a conscious act or at least one that is reversible.

I placed the easy button on my counter at work and encouraged people to try it out. I was amazed at the transformation which occurred before my eyes. Curiosity gave way to happiness and people quickly understood that by pressing this button they could experience a change so great that life’s direction could be altered and understanding would lead to happiness. This was thrilling for me and I enjoyed every opportunity to plant the seed of new thinking. Children especially were good candidates but my greatest reward came from watching adults whose life had evolved into drudgery. Of course, there were those who lacked the courage to even try or even ask and this was sad indeed.

Today, I noticed that the Easy Button was gone. I resolved to try to live without it for awhile and image all of these wonderful events in my mind. After all, we do not really need a toy to be happy.