This I Believe

Kelsey - Durango, Colorado
Entered on January 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

This I Believe

By: Kelsey McLean

Traveling from small town Durango, CO, to the big city of Guangzhou, China, I thought about what life would be like with our newly adopted little sister. What is she going to look like? Would she like me? Would I like her? So many questions were running through my head those four days we were in China waiting to get her. The day had finally come to go and meet her.

My heart was beating with enthusiasm as my family and I waited for our name to be called so we could go and get our new addition to our family; a Chinese baby girl. Her name would be Ellie Grace McLean. As I saw her face for the first time, I started to cry, it was the sweetest face I had ever seen.

Driving back to the hotel, in a bus filled with tons of other adopted babies, was an experience I will never forget. Looking around at all of the new parents staring at their new babies with love and compassion gave me a whole new look on life. I believe that God has a place for everyone in this world and Ellie’s place was with my family. Before that moment in time, I never knew that people could love a child that they had only been around for an hour or less.

As I spent more time in China, I saw how children, no matter how poor, still loved their parents for trying their best. I saw children with holes in their pants so they wouldn’t have to wear diapers, and yet they were happy. It made me think about how much we really have in America, and how blessed some of these children were for being adopted, even though they will never know who their blood parents are.

Ellie has forever changed my life, and I thank her for that. Part of me being on this earth was to love Ellie and make sure she felt like she was loved. I believe that God has a specific place for everyone in the world, and I love that he chose to put Ellie right next to me on this earth. Although, some places are not as good as others, I believe God has reason for every person being where they are.