This I Believe

Nancy - Cornwallville, New York
Entered on January 28, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50


There are many, many people who love, study and observe nature. But I decided I would write about nature anyway… You know, it’s great to look upon premium architecture with wonder. I also enjoy looking at fashion magazines for all of the creative designs. Each top designers fashions are highly anticipated for Spring and Fall shows by thousands of curious and eager buyers. I’ve yet to get to an international car show, but those engineers and designers are unbelieveably talented. Some create classics which we will forever remember in our hearts and minds. And what about artists? Artists’ of any kind. I cannot believe how ingenious people really, really are! Beautiful, beautiful paintings. Spectacular designs in sculpture. Incredible designs in glass and pottery. And, I could’nt write this essay without mentioning jewelry design. I can look at catalogs of jewelry and never get tired of looking at the fabulous works of design. But what I really enjoy is something right outside my own front door. Plants of every design. Birds, my favorite, so incredibly detailed and delicate. Deer, groundhogs, skunks and bear. Different grasses, trees and bodies of water. Beautiful waterfalls, ponds, streams and lakes. Colored leaves, fruit trees and herons! Of course, I could go on listing all of nature, but it would take too long !!

Once, I was talking with my neighbor on the telephone about a bird species I had seen. Then we spoke about how to feed the birds, what to feed the birds and when to feed the birds, in great detail. I thought for a moment to myself… I am, in the middle of the day, taking this time to discuss birds and the correct feeding of birds!! For a second, I thought …. how trivial, with all that is going on in my life, town, state and even the country…. what am I doing?! That guilty thought only lasted a moment.

I said to my neighbor…in this busy world, SOMEONE, ( or more like..people like all of us) SOMEONE has to have the time and take the time to notice all of this nature and beauty!

This is what I believe. Nature is a gift to all of us to marvel over and enjoy and to love. We have to take the time to notice. It would be a crime not to notice. This I truly believe.