This I Believe

Murray - W. Hempstead, New York
Entered on January 28, 2007
Age Group: 65+

My Two Cats

I have two cats and they teach me something everyday about myself and others. The orange and white is called Cutie. The tortoise shell colored cat is named Tortie. I feed them, love them and I do what I can to take care of them. Cutie came to me as a tiny kitten that had learned to survive brutal winters and unfriendly felines. She did all right for herself because there is room in her heart for loving and living. Tortie also survived her disagreeable associates but never had to deal with the brutal weather.

Cutie enjoys the outside and rules her domain in my backyard. All visitors must meet her approval or their presence is clearly unwelcome. When she comes in she agrees to a truce with Tortie.

Tortie is as determined to hold her place on the throne beside me and will use her cunning and every opportunity to gain my affection.

They learn about my behavior and I learn about cat behavior. Cutie can count on me for shelter from the storm and a solid cat meal on demand. Tortie can count on me for affection and her favorite yummies. I can count on them for patience, consideration, fun and wisdom. With them I am also safe from the storm for they ease my daily concerns and show what is really important in life. They meow and complain but they never hurt my feelings and they never go over the credit card limit. They are part of the calm and comfort of my home. They will always end up wherever I am in my house and to the world they would seem to slumber away their lives but their value is in teaching me serenity and rejuvenation. We need not talk because there is eye contact and a predictable pattern of life. In a world where humans are driven by irrationality it is a good thing to come home to my cats.