This I Believe

Eric - San Diego, California
Entered on January 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

On the path of higher learning I became fascinated by sociology, and the underlying themes of individual and group interactions. Time went on and being a consumer, and liking what money provides, I made the decision to attend law school instead of following the path of a social scientist. Everyone who has ever made a similar decision knows how difficult it is to deviate from something you love for the chance of more money doing something else. After making the decision my consumer was happy, but my desire to understand and contribute to sociology was not. Fortunately, now in my second semester at law school, I realized my opportunity to further understand and contribute to the sociology has not been lost.

Every doctrine or law made in our government and defined by our judiciary are products of what will best benefit our social wealth. Lawyers, judges, politicians, advocacy groups, and a slew of others all represent the norms and values that define our society. Our malleable system of law understands when society and our morals have changed, and incorporate the law into those newly established beliefs. These values and norms come from what we feel as a society is needed for us to succeed and survive, and are precious commodities in our future. In addition our law weighs social costs and benefits in a fair and equitable manner to best protect those commodities. Without an understanding of sociology, how groups and individuals interact and their beliefs and norms in those actions, I would not be serving our society as a lawyer. Without those understandings of the social sciences I could not truly understand the law.

So now I realize I have not given up what I love, but that which I love is absolutely necessary in becoming a socially conscious and effective lawyer; in becoming a good lawyer. There are many connections in life, which may be fundamentally known but not clearly obvious or unknown waiting to be discovered. No matter what point in life you may choose to deviate from that love for something more lucrative or for other reasons, always keep it in your heart. Look for those connections and you might be happy with what you find, and maybe everyone will better off because you did. In my life I have found love and enjoyment in many things. Now I will always look for those connections to enrich other aspects of my life, and maybe even further enrich those things I already hold dear. This I believe.