This I Believe

Taylor - Durango, Colorado
Entered on January 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

The Human Impact

I believe that the human race is ruining the Earth. Every day when I drive into town, I contribute to the exhaust from millions of cars worldwide that are emitting poisonous gasses into the atmosphere. When I drive by a construction site, I see the ground being dug up and molded into a multi-million dollar mansion that was never intended to go there. When I go past buildings, I see clouds of white, gray, and black smoke rising up into the air, contributing to the many pollutants already floating into our atmosphere. A gradient of dull hues, darkening and depressing our world, the cause of extreme heat, bitter cold, and natural disasters all over the world.

It may not seem like my car is making much difference, but when combined with all the other cars, trucks, landfills, and power plants, my car is contributing. Whether I like it or not, I am donating my share of Earth-destroying supplies to the ultimate murderer, the human race.

Fires are stopped as soon as they start, and forests get congested with waste that should be disposed of naturally, until finally one spark brings down an entire mountain. Rain forests are severed from the earth, whole ecosystems are destroyed, and predators and prey alike lose their homes to the one ultimate predator, the one ultimate devourer, the human race.

Entire landscapes are laid bare of trees, animals, minerals, oil, and valuables, shaved to the bone by man-made machines, while almost all of the benefits are shipped far away to very rich people that really don’t need more of anything.

The ground is torn up, the ozone has holes gashed in it, and forms of life are killed without notice. Cities are created from the Earth’s resources, pollution is created by cities, pollution allows fewer resources to renew themselves, and yet more cities and buildings are still created. The power plants that supply cities with electricity burn up non-renewable resources, and create more pollution to go back into the air and water, which then must be dealt with by using more resources and more electricity.

The human race is creating a vicious cycle that, if unchecked, will destroy the earth. There are things I can do as a human myself, as a contributor, to reverse the cycle. I’ll tell myself that I don’t need more, more, more. I’ll ride my bike instead of jumping into the car. I’ll help fund the planting of new trees in clear-cut areas. I’ll put a solar panel on my roof. When my family’s current car wears out, we’ll get a hybrid instead of a gas-guzzler. I can think of many ways to help save our Earth, but that’s a different essay. I’ll do what I can, because I believe we are ruining our Earth, but I also believe that we have the power to save it.