This I Believe

yana - clackamas, Oregon
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: immigrant

This I believe

I believe that this world is not fair, and doesn’t treat people right. The reason why I believe this why is because coming to United States when I was six years old was a difficult experience for me. While growing up in a new community I got put down at school for not being like everyone, and not completely knowing the English language.

I would worry coming to school, wondering if everything will be okay.

My parents also got put down for not understanding the English language. My mom got fired from her first job because her manager didn’t like Russians. Her manager told her that and then fired her.

Reaching 5th grade was still difficult for me at times even though I would speak and understand the English language there were still people that didn’t treat me right because from where I was from. I actually had a classmate come up to me and make fun of me because of my race.

Even now there is times when people do something bad to you because of who you are and where you are from. My parents came to United States for a better life for our family and our future, but some people don’t understand that and don’t treat people right. Our family went through a lot to have a stable life but then again there are people that don’t understand that and make it harder. I know that our family wasn’t that only family that got put down like that, and went through the same thing we went through.

The way that my belief influences views on political issues, is now I look at everything that goes on in the world, I see it really unfair. When it gets to immigrants and someone is blaming them for something, not even knowing some times what is the case all about but something crosses my mind that maybe they are not treating that person right. This is what I believe.