This I Believe

Kulakevich - Clackamas, Oregon
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“I Believe”

I believe that the government of every country does not treat people fair and kind. The government does not care about what the people have to say and want. I think that this is the same for every country and every country does the same. There have been many situations where the people protested and wanted something from the government and they turned them down. This is true the people know that the government is not fair and they can’t do anything about because if the go against then they will expunge them.

Coming from the former Soviet Union I thought that the U.S will have a better government and treat its people fair. But when I came here and lived 6 years I saw that the government is not much different from other countries. I think that this is the same for every country and they don’t care and they will destroy everything in their path to get to what they want. The Russians show movie and documentaries of how the government was ruled and how unfair they were. When I saw documentaries of the American government and what they do and it was different from the Russia’s government. I think that this is the same for every country and they don’t care about what people think and say about the government and all they care is about money in their pocket.

I believe that it’s not fair what the government is doing and I believe that there is something that should be done about this. I believe that this is true and it is the same thing for a lot of the governments and they are really secretive in what they do. I also believe that the mafia and the government are involved with each other and they control a lot of the smaller companies. I know that not everyone in the government is involved and as bad as the other bad people. Sometimes if you don’t cooperate with the government and if you don’t do the things they want they will eliminate you. This is the unfair or the wrong process of how the government should be run and controlled.

In my opinion this is the wrong and unfair to the people because why is it that the big corporations have to pay the minimum of 10 dollars a year. The small businesses and people have to pay more than the big corporation and this is unfair and this has to do with how the government is run. The big corporations are connected with the government and they pay the government so that they get their back and don’t a lot in taxes. This is all because the big corporations pay the Benjamin’s to the politicians and they shut up and say nothing because they got their money and they are happy. This is why they treat people bad because they have money in their pockets and they don’t care what people want.

It’s not fair to the people of the country because they don’t know what the government is doing and sometimes the government will feed the people something to shut up for a while. This is the way things are and how they are run. I also believe that not all of the people and the politicians are that way but the majority of them are. I also believe that there are good people in this world and they will do good in their life.