This I Believe

chi - Portland, Oregon
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: immigrant

This I believe

I believe that everyone should have their own rights like every woman and all different kinds of races. No matter if u are beautiful, unattractive, skinny, or overweight. I’m beyond egalitarianism and it believing in the equality of all people especially in political, economic, or social life. I think that everyone should treat each other equally and stop the sexism and racism. Every man, woman, and all different kinds of races are all humans. Why there’s a problem between men and women? Because I believe that the men think they could do everything and they don’t think the women could do the same thing. For example, there’s currently none of the women had be in a president position and I think that the people are having an issue with the sexism. First, most of the men don’t want a woman to become their president. Second, some of the women must think a man become a president is more confidence than a woman. I think we should change this issue and let’s treat every man and woman like equal. If all man and woman are created equal, the world would be more wonderful. This is why it relates to political issue.

I had a story from my life. I’m an immigrant who came from Hong Kong, when I was young. My first year arrived to United States and went to a certain junior high school. Most of the kids were respect my horrible English language but there were some kids always making fun of me because I came from another country and I couldn’t speak English fluently at that time. I really didn’t like how they treated me so I decided to ignore them. From that time, I always have a little anxious of my English language because I don’t want people to making fun of me once again. I believe that everyone should treat every race equally, therefore, there’s no racism.

Believing egalitarianism makes me want to respect other different races of people and women better. For example, there are some people from other countries who couldn’t speak English very well but I respect them and become their friends. Sometimes, if they have some problems I would help them out and that could makes me happier.

I think the people who don’t agree every women or all race should have their own rights. It’s like hatred them. And please don’t be hatred. Hating is a waste of time. Why don’t everyone just be happy and treat other people better? Although I did hate some of the people sometimes, I will just think like why can’t I just get over it and forgive them and be their friends. Also, everyone had do things wrong and so did I so I would apologize to the people I treated not well. If I don’t apologize to them, I knew I’m going to regret and keep memorize that bad moment forever.

Believing that everyone should have their own rights like every woman and all different kinds of races means all of the people are equal and that makes everyone’s life more better.