This I Believe

Joshua - Clackamas, Oregon
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Friendship is what I believe and We Believe.

Do you have any friends who can trust you? Do you know the U.S. has many countries that U.S. can really trust? You can’t say your friends trust you every time.

Also, the U.S. doesn’t know when their allies can turn back around. However, if you trust your friends, I believe that your friends know you trust them, so they would trust you too.

It is same in the world. If the U.S. trusts other countries, and if they support the other countries, the other countries will trust the U.S. and they can be allies forever. I believe that we can build a friendship with friends, or we can make a good relationship with other countries, if we trust and believe them first.

In my life, I have lived in the U.S. for three years already. I know It has been awhile. I met, and know many different kinds of friends. However, when I first met them, I can tell I want to be a friend with them or hang out with them next time again. In my high school, I can trust only less than five friends, because I know they trust me, and I trust them, so we hang out most everyday, and help each other whenever they need help. It is hard to trust your friends, but I can tell, they trust me or not. For example, I have had struggle with English in first two years and still, after I moved to the U.S. However, whenever I say something to my friends, they understand what I’m saying even though all my grammars are wrong. One day, my friend moved out to a different house, but he didn’t have any idea to move all his stuff because there were too many stuff to move. However, my friends and I volunteer to help his moving. It is hard work, but we are the true friends, so we could help his moving. If you have a good friendship with your friends, your friends and you can be friends forever until you guys die.

The friendship is same thing as a relationship between countries. For the U.S. there are many allies to get the U.S. back. The U.S. helps, and supports other countries, and they have many citizens from many different countries. For example, the U.S. and South Korea has a really good relationship right now even though there is North Korea right above to South Korea. How could they have a good relationship? Because a long time ago, there was Korea War going on in Korea. South Korea was having hard time to fight with China and North Korea. However, the U.S. came in South Korea to save South Koreans. I think if there was no U.S. South Korea might not here anymore. After the Korea War, South Korea trusts the U.S. a lot, so they sent many their soldiers to Iraq to help the U.S. That’s why there is a good relationship going on between South Korea and the U.S. Therefore, If the country helps, and trusts other country, they can be the best allies in the world, like best friends.

In conclusion, I believe that if you go help and trust your friends first, they will trust you too, and you guys can be the best friends ever until you guys die. It is same for countries too.