This I Believe

Karlo - Clackamas, Oregon
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: equality

I believe in giving the power to the people and in majority rules. I believe that a government should not be a party that runs the entire country but a representation of what the people in that country wants. I believe in opportunity and sharing what we have with countries less wealthy than us. Also giving those who come to work and search for a better life a chance to achieve that. A little money for our government can go a long way with that of an extremely poor country. People as well as nations needs to get their priorities in order, a help one another. I am part of this, while spend my money to get the newest Ipod there is someone who would love to just have something to eat. We need to see the world as a whole and everyone as equals despite race,sex,orientation, or class.

I believe that everyone should have equal rights, people are people. There is no reason to mix together you religious beliefs, a prevent someone from getting married because you believe its wrong. One beliefs should not take the rights away from others, unless is affects them in someway. I believe anyone should be allowed to get married as long as the two sides agree.

I also believe that our governments should be run by those who have extensive knowledge on what it is they are representing for our country. In addition to that knowledge the opinion of the majority of people should always be taken into consideration. Our government seems to be doing this every so often by elections and measures. I believe our government is doing well because it is stable, balanced, and for the most part fair. It can be extremely hard to please everyone and i think our government is doing a pretty good job, but the opinion of the people should be taken more into consideration.

I can understand how hard it is to please people because for one of my projects had to help run a class of second graders. I would suggest doing something and a part of them could be opposed to it, while others would be for it. I constantly had to combine possible solutions in order to satisfy the class as a whole. While the American people may not be identical to these kids, the fact that there was always more then one opinion is similar. I later decided that the most fair way to do this was by voting for what activity we would do, therefore pleasing the larger percentage.

Sometimes it can be hard for politicians to exchange their own personal ideas for those of the people, but i think doing that alone is what makes a great government.