This I Believe

Danielle - Lenexa, Kansas
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

These Eyes Try

A million eyes are watching the sky, dreaming of yesterday and wishing for tomorrow to come back before they run out of time. Their cautious foot steps sneaking out late at night. Moonlit revealed sins of the night and disencouraged conscious thought. They gaze out from the windows, peering into their own souls. Questioning every motive, trying to grasp the concept of their meaning, drifting through a life time as “what if’s” fall upon their awakening minds. Wrenching regrets gripping at their heart pulling and pushing them away from opportunity. The siren’s song of temptation softly dripping into their ears from the backgrounds as they try to soak up every beautiful image to be seen. This… is the moment crashing upon us, they think. What shall we do?

Waiting and anticipating, pondering and corresponding with one another. It’s five till noon and it’s still too soon before their answer can finally arrive. Trying to meet half way to the destination as their contemplations try to pull against gravity. Trying to keep up with time with only short gasps of air. Drifting through the constant numb buzz of reality. Trying… just trying to scream out to the world that they are ready to feel, they’re ready to breathe, ready to learn, ready to know, ready to see, ready to understand, they are… ready. They are ready to live.

But I believe that in the mist of chaos; these curious eyes of our world, our nation, our state, our town, our school, our room, our selves, are becoming more and more like Alice. Trying to follow the white rabbit of our dreams. Chasing after something we believe we see so clearly but in the blur of naivety and misguided trust in everyone but ourselves, we’re watching these dreams disappear right before our very eyes. We’re loosing ourselves amongst the masses. Falling further and further into the rabbit hole of society without a second to look back. Thrust out into the open to live in the joke of the “real world” that we’ve been preparing for all of our lives. Only to realize, that we weren’t even given that… Educate your children. Educate your future.