This I Believe

Mary - Lenexa, Kansas
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Giving Up

In forth grade, my best friend, Rachel’s, dad passed away and it was horrible. Her whole family was really mixed up; especially her mom. After Rachel’s dad died, her mom became a raging alcoholic. Almost every day Rachel would call me crying, and talk to me about how her mom was.

Her mom, Janet, had gone through the same pattern and even went to Rehab for a while to try to cure her habit. It only worked for about a week or two. She “tries” to stop, but she just can’t get over her loss. Rachel still talks to me about this and tells me how hurt she gets when her mom has one of her bizarre fits, when she doesn’t want to pick her up from somewhere, or when she’s completely passed out. Rachel is always worried about her mom dying because that would leave her and her brother all alone.

It makes me feel terrible when I hear about things people attempt to do and then they just give up. I believe that if Janet tried, she could stop being an alcoholic and end all of the chaos at her house. Everything would be so much better with her and her family if she just kept trying and conquered her addiction.