This I Believe

L - Watkinsville, Georgia
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: Christianity

I believe that Christmas is the best time of the year. I am overly obsessed with decorating and shopping around Christmas time. The smells at Christmas make me constantly cheerful; the food brings the best smells because we cook so many delicious, sweet things at Christmas time. I do not forget though, that the real Christmas is based on Jesus and how he was born, my family really acknowledges the birth of Jesus and we make that our focus at Christmas time. Christmas is also the main time of the year that people feel compelled to give to others and help. The most community service is done around Christmas I feel like. I also love to see how so many different families go to church around Christmas and I feel like it brings all types of people together. Christmas is the time of year that people come together and give to others.

I love the smells and sounds at Christmas. The Christmas tree, apple cider, Christmas songs, mistletoe, egg nog, and the foods that we cook are so delicious and sweet. Cooking brings my family together. When my mother and I go visit my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins the main thing we do is cook. It truly brings us together because I can tell my grandmother feels a sense of accomplishment by teaching us all how to grow up knowing how to provide for the family just like she was taught to do.

I will always remember playing with the nativity set at my house when I was younger. I would always take the baby Jesus out of the manger and hide the tiny piece of plastic that resembled a baby Jesus. The true Christmas story is always a part of Christmas at our house. We believe that Jesus was born in a manger through Mary and Joseph. We always go to the midnight service on Christmas Eve where everyone lights a candle to represent Jesus coming into the world. This service really means a lot to me because I have always gone with my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles ever since I was born. I feel like this service brings a lot of families to church, even if they aren’t regular members and it unites a lot of people together.

At Christmas time most churches or school organized clubs do a number of community service projects. The biggest one is probably Operation Christmas Child, where children or families pack a shoe box filled with goodies and send it to underprivileged children in foreign countries. There are many times in the year that projects are completed, but Christmas seems to me like the biggest time of the year. More families seem willing to participate around Christmas because they are in a giving mood, so why not give to the underprivileged?

I believe that Christmas pulls people together, no matter what type people they might be. Whether it be the sounds, smells, food, or gifts; something about Christmas brings the good out in people. More people go to church around Christmas, more people unite with their families at this time of year, and more people help out with giving to the poor around Christmas. This is why I strongly believe that Christmas really is the best time of the year.