This I Believe

Whitney - Shawnee, Kansas
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I was in my first year at Westridge Middle School and winter break had just ended. We were back at school and were in class. I was sitting in my room doing my homework while my brother was watching T.V. downstairs. I heard my door open and it was my dad. He

was really calm and you have a feeling that something was wrong. He told me that something was wrong. He told me to come to his room for family meeting. By the

time I got up and walked to the doorway of my parents room I ran into my brother. We walked in together to find our mom sitting on the bed crying. The skin on her face was blotchy and looked like she had been upset for quite awhile. My brother and I went over and sat down next to her. That’s when my dad started talking.

“Grandpa Begole had an accident this morning. A very terrible one, he is in the emergency room getting help.”

The first thought that ran through my head was that he had some heart problems. It was actually a stroke. It had hit him hard. The entire left side of his body was paralyzed. The first thing I asked was to see him. But I remember parents telling me I wouldn’t want to see him in that condition. I never did see my grandpa again. After being in the hospital for two weeks, he died. I couldn’t believe it, losing him meant everything to me. We had the funeral a few days later. It was hard on all my cousins and me. It didn’t seem real. I was heart broken, this was the first death I have ever gone through in my life and I didn’t know how to handle a situation like this. After my grandpa’s death, it made me realize how much I value my life and not to take everything for granted. I have a lot more respect towards people now, almost four years later. I can sometimes feel him watching me.

When I got in a car wreck and almost died, my car was thrown into a ditch and came three feet from falling off a fifteen-foot ledge. I knew se was watching out for me and helping me through what could have been a horrible accident for myself. I believe now, that

there really is a heaven.