This I Believe

Tia - Milwaukie, Oregon
Entered on January 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: freedom

Ever since I was a young girl my mother has been a big part of my life. She has been there for me, but never really has pushed me to do things that I don’t believe in. She’s has always let me make my own decisions. My mother has given me choices in life and I have made those decisions on my own with her support. She’s a wonderful woman and because of her influence on me, my belief is the freedom of choice.

I’ve always had freedom in my life, and I’ve always had the freedom to make my own decisions for myself. I believe having a freedom of choice is a wonderful thing and helps you mature and grow. I’ve been making decisions for myself since I was little and I have always believed that I was mature for my age. Due to my maturity I believe that I have grown to be a very strong independent young woman.

If we did not have the freedom of choice in our life we would be confined to do and say what others tell us. Frankly I don’t mind listening to what others have to say about something and taking their criticism, but if I don’t agree with it I will not go along with what they have to say and I will follow what I believe is right.

Having a freedom of choice is connected with many things but the main thing it’s connected with is voting. For many years now people have listened to what others have to say and either voted for or against them due to the freedom of choice. We the people of the United States get to vote every year on the things we believe in. If we don’t agree with something on the voting ballad then we don’t have to vote for it and whatever the majority votes on wins. I believe voting is such a positive thing to have, when you think about it if we didn’t have voting the government would just decide to pass laws or acts without consulting us the people of the United States. For example abortion, I believe that it’s a terrible thing but it should be allowed in certain circumstances. I was very displeased when the law did not pass this year but oh well there is always next year. If we didn’t have voting people would just rebel against the government and do what they want, so the government would know what the people believe in. By this happening a lot more rules and laws would get broke and people would get punished for showing what they believe in. That is why I believe in the freedom of choice, if there wasn’t a freedom of choice I along with billions of other people in United States would not be able to vote.