This I Believe

Rachel - austin, Texas
Entered on January 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in camping. Too often is it too easy to get caught up in the “bubble” of the immediate people and problems of our own lives. “Why is all this traffic in My way, I need to be somewhere” or any of the other tragic inconveniences that no one else ever has to deal with. The “problems” that lead us to believe we are forced to live a life unfairly harsh and prompt the pitying of me, me, me. Camping, the poor man’s vacation and a quick and easy escape from the daily routine filled with insignificance that is so often part of our lives it begins to actually matter. A short or extended getaway from the days filled with the materialistic desires, self absorbed woes, and masked social interactions. I believe in the retreat to a simplistic environment free from the objects that so easily distract our minds, taking only enough sustenance to maintain energy. I enjoy cheese, a loaf of bread, cured meat, water, and maybe some granola if I’m feeling fancy. Sit back and embrace the liberation from the obligations of time, assignment deadlines, or social appointments. It’s so very refreshing. To have an excuse to turn off the cell phone without anyone getting upset. To loose track off time exploring accompanied only by my thoughts. To be taken out of my normal environment to reflect upon my life allows me to see how silly or insignificant most things are if I would just stop dwelling on them. To absorb yourself in nature is also very humbling. Looking up a tree that appears one hundred times your size or standing on top of the massive Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg puts just how small I really am into perspective. I believe this is very important to keep in mind as often as possible. Remembering we are only a fleeting moment in the history of the world makes me feel the urgency of embracing what is truly important to me. When I’m actually hit with how short life is, no matter how cliché that concept is, and realize that there’s isn’t an infinite amount of time to slowly get around to things I want to accomplish it reawakes my motivation. It helps me to realize what I value most, the beauty of life and it’s preservation. I believe that the opportunity to have a removed perspective on how you’re using your one life will cause a reevaluation and a new perspective with reordered priorities that gives hope and a revived passion for life.