This I Believe

Todd - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on January 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

As child I was taught there are good actions and bad actions. Almost all children are taught some kind of guiding principles that shape the rest of their lives. I grew up with a Catholic family and attended church. As I got old I discovered that if there are bad actions then there must be bad people to perform them. I got my first taste of evil when I watched Star Wars. Darth Vader, a faceless goliath in black armor represented the kind of person I was taught to never be like.

Later on I learned about World War II and the evil that the world faced in the form of murderous dictators. I did more research and gradually found out on my own that then men that history labels as evil were just men. They had the same feelings and hopes that most of us do, but they had unhealthy ambition that drove them to do terrible things.

Now, as a college student I have begun to question whether or not a person can be evil to the core. Dictators that murdered and oppressed other people usually do so for the benefit of their own countrymen. Germany in the 1920’s was a broken state with its citizens suffering. One man decided to help his nation become powerful again, but at the cost of others. Today a country may invade another for the sake of helping the people in both but wind up hurting everyone.

I’m starting look deeply at right and wrong and I believe that best intentions may blind us to horrible mistakes.