This I Believe

Katelynn - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on January 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

My entire life I have been surrounded by music. My older sister has a voice of an angel, and always sang to me. My most vivid memory of her singing to me was when I was at the young age of seven. She sang music from “The Sound of Music” and her voice resonated within me like a never ending passion, a constant hum that would never cease. Her love and talent for music inspired me as a young child and gave me a type of love that was unconditional. Music is just naturally embedded into my life and will continue to nourish my spirit for the entirety of my existence. To me, music is a drug and everyone should do this drug. From the first taste of the drug my sister gave me, I have been addicted to a drug that will never leave my system, regardless of how long I go without doing it. My drug can be used both recreationally and medicinally. Much like the psychedelic effects of some drugs on the mind and body, I feel something deeper in music than caresses the surface, I feel more than reality. In the classic “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin, I am aware of more than the notes playing, I feel the passion behind his words, and let the rhythms trance me. When the sanguine lyrics of The Beatles “Black Bird” comes on, I feel the same numbing effects Tylenol plays on pain, and I allow the music to take me to a peaceful state of mind, free from worry and pain. Music makes me high, makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, it makes me able to “take these broken wings and learn to fly” (The Beatles, “Black Bird). Music does not judge, it is unbiased; it is always there for you. Much like the words of Corinthians, music is patient, music is kind, music is not proud and most importantly, it never ends. My addiction for music dictates my life. My heart is a metronome, a constant beat that keeps me on tempo and prevents me from slowing. Without this metronome, my life ceases, I am no more. I believe that music is my savior.