This I Believe

Peter - Barrington, Illinois
Entered on January 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Healthy Living

I believe that the best and healthiest way to lose weigh and stay in shape is by getting the right diet and exercise. If you have the right diet and exercise throughout you life than you will probably live a very healthy and enriched life. Thousands of studies prove my theory correct. Taking diet pills or starving yourself is not a good way to slim down.

First, eating healthy will not only keep you fit but will also help you keep a positive attitude. When you eat unhealthy food such as lots of burger and fries it gives you this tired headache feeling. If you were to eat a piece of fish cooked in a white wine sauce with a side of steamed beets and garlic mashed potatoes your head would feel better and eventually you would realize that healthier food in the long run does taste better than fried food.

Next, you have to maintain a good body that means that you should try to exercise once a day. Mainly you basically have to try to keep your body in shape until the day you die. That way instead of living the last ten years of your life in and out of the hospital you can be in and out of the mountain trail or what ever you choose to do to keep yourself healthy. I say that to live a healthy life you need to make it a daily habit and have routines. Like always walk to places unless they are miles away. You have to make up exercises as you go through your day and when it comes to eating, just eat healthy every day for the rest of your life.

Finally, eating healthier does not always mean you can not eat foods that are high in fat. It is fine to eat a burger, but maybe only once a month. Use it as a monthly treat. We would just be so much healthier if we were to eat soybeans instead of French fries.

So I believe that the best way to stay healthy is not by taking hydroxicut or using the sauna belt but by eating the right foods and getting good exercise. Also you have to not eat too much. Many people gain weight by not having portion control so you should always try to limit the amount that you eat. I figure if I run a few miles in a day and burn off five hundred calories than at dinner I can eat all of the healthy food I want, but if I do not burn off five hundred calories that day than I have to take it easy on my portions. That is my philosophy on staying healthy and weight loss. This is why I believe in healthy living.