This I Believe

Jordan - indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on January 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Changing for the Better

Karma, what you do in life will come back to you whether its negative or positive. Karma is a belief that I live my life by. I started believing in karma more after my junior year in high school. When I was a junior in high school I got into a little bit of trouble. I didn’t really care about school that much I would always skip school to go smoke pot with my girlfriend. I would also always drive drunk after parties. Even after three of my friends got DUI’s and one had died I still drove drunk. I truly believed that it would never be me getting arrested. My girlfriend would always tell me how she hated that I drove drunk but I never paid attention.

In one night my whole life changed. My girlfriend and I were drinking before going to a party. The party was only three or four miles away from where we were so I didn’t think that there was anyway I would get pulled over. Three miles down the road I was pulling into the parking lot of where the party was. I looked up and there was a police officer behind me with his lights on. He walked up to the car and asked if I had been drinking. I said no, he smelled my breath and asked me to get out of the car. After I failed all the tests and blew way over the legal limit the officer put me in handcuffs. When I turned around I saw the other officer arresting my girlfriend of three years. I thought to myself how stupid could I be she never wanted me to drive drunk and now not only was I getting arrested but so was she. I knew that all the bad things that I did over the past couple of years finally came back to get me. I couldn’t handle seeing my girlfriend get arrested. I begged the officer to give me her charges on top of my four charges and let her go. I had hurt my parents, my girlfriend and I lost all the trust they had for me. At this point I knew I had to get my life together. My grades were bad and I had no job.

I decided that it was time for a change. I started working a lot harder in school my grades went up, and I got a forty hour a week job. In a way this event was one of the worst and best thing that had ever happened to me. I no longer had a clean record but I had turned my life around. If I had never gotten caught I might have killed myself or someone else in a drunk driving accident and I definitely wouldn’t have been accepted to Purdue. This is why I believe so strongly in karma. What you do in life will come back to get you.