This I Believe

Zosha - Seattle, Washington
Entered on January 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in no god. I believe that the universe has rules, set in there place, very few moveable, and if they are, only by a little bit. I believe that no matter how much I pray, things happen thanks to hard work. I believe in everyone’s favorite subjects, Math and Science.

When I was in Kindergarten, I moved to Seattle. I started attending East Shore Unitarian Church on the East Side every Sunday at 9 o’clock in the morning. Now, Unitarians are generally easy going folks. Despite being tortured alongside Jews and every other kind of misfit during the Holocaust, they don’t really have a certain belief. I first really started going when I was in 5th Grade. I seemed to be fitting in just fine until a while later; we did an exercise where you go to one side of the room if you believe in the statement, the other if you disagreed. First they were easy questions. ‘Do you believe in Aliens?’ It continued like that for some time, until finally this question came along. ‘Do you believe in god?’

Without thinking I walked over to the ‘No’ corner of the room. I turned around to see my followers, which was a total of none. There was one kid in the middle, and a huge huddle, almost a village clustering around the ‘yes’ corner. The teacher decided the torture was not over. ‘Why don’t you believe Zosha?’ she asked calmly, as if asking for a final statement. I explained my reasons. It just doesn’t seem plausible, I said equally as calm. Why would somebody who is in charge of the entire Universe, pile up so much evidence against him, and no concrete evidence for him? I looked over at the herd, with somewhat mixed faces. A few, pondering my statement, almost changing their minds, the others glaring at me, as if that would change mine. It was then I realized how horribly alone I must be in my belief.

On my car ride home I meditated on my reasons. When had I formed such a belief? I thought hard. And then I formed a new belief. Atheists choose to not believe in god, so as to have a set of rules to be governed by. Rules unbending, unyielding to anyone, set down by the scientists. Whether it be square roots, chemistry, physics, or astronomy, they need to have a set of rules. Religious people on the other hand choose to believe that anything is possible, and that you have a chance if you just believe. That if you let god know what you’re thinking, then maybe, if your good enough, he’ll give it to you. I envy the religious people, because the have someone to turn to, to console them in their time of grief or sadness. Us atheists have only ourselves, and anyone we deem worthy enough to listen. With that, content in my nonbelief, I move on, choosing to believe in the power, of no power at all.