This I Believe

Max - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on January 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Martial Arts and the Effects it had on Myself

I believe in Martial Arts (All fighting styles including boxing), for it is a great thing to learn, which offers many benefits. I have been studying martial arts since my sophomore year of high school. I am trained in hand to hand combat, stick fighting, knife fighting, and disarmament of weapons. I know three main styles: Isshinryu Karate, Arnis, and Vee Arnis-Jitsu. Martial arts have many benefits that are more than just defending yourself. It offers self-control, confidence, and respect for ones self and others.

Martial arts have trained me in area of self-defense. It has trained me in hand to hand combat, stick fighting, and knife fighting. In Isshinryu karate I learned hand to hand combat, which trained me to fight with my hand against an opponent either unarmed or armed. Arnis has taught how to fight with a stick and use a stick to disarm other opponents. Also it taught me how to defend against an opponent with a stick when I am unarmed. It has also taught me how to use a stick against someone armed with a knife. I learned knife fighting through stick training, for the stick techniques are design to be related to bladed weapons.

I know from my experience learning martial arts that I have gain even more self-control than I have ever had. I use fighting as a last resort in most of my situations that I get into. I also stay calm in many situations that most people might panic in. I know from talking to my teacher that martial arts can help people who have attention deficit disorder by slowing them down and making them take their time to do a kata, which is a part of self-control. He has a student now that is ADD and oppositely he has improved in school since he started martial arts. Martial arts is great for me because it has helped me gain self-control in my life.

Martial Arts have helped me in school in many ways. I have used martial arts to relax my body and my mind. It has helped me prepare for a big test by empting my mind. I would practice twice a day everyday of the week. I had the main lessons in the evenings before I had to do homework, and it would help me clear my mind so when I did my homework I could just focus on the assignment. Ever since I began martial arts my GPA increased every year. I believe martial arts is a great thing to learn while in school, for the reasons I mention above.

I also believe in martial arts, for it taught me respect. It taught me self respect and to have respect for others. I learned to have respect for the chain of command also through bowing to my partners that I trained with to thank him or her for helping me in my training. I also learn to show other people respect outside the dojo because I know what I am capable of and I have the confidence in my capabilities that I have no need to be disrespectful.

I believe in martial arts for many reasons; starting from training in fighting to respect for others. It has helped me become a better person through teaching me self –control, confidence and respect for myself and others around. I now teach martial arts in college and try to show my students what I learn. Hopefully they will pick up their views as well.