This I Believe

Kristofer - Barrington, Illinois
Entered on January 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I put my things down on the coffee table and I comfortably stretched myself across the dark blue monstrosity of a couch. “Does Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind sound good to you?” she says. I nod and notice a smile on the girl that was originally “just a friend.” As much as I avoided my suppressed emotions for Lynne while we were friends, there was chemistry between us that I had never before experienced. Enough about those complex love stories that you see in movies, I found love right at my finger tips. I believe in true inescapable love, a love that can come out of nothing and make you so happy.

June third was the day I realized that what she and I had was different from any normal friendship. I hadn’t talked to Lynne for over a month but no matter where I went, Lynne was there. I’d think of her beautiful brunette hair, eyes like shooting stars, and a voice that even the mythological Greek sirens couldn’t come close to. Then it hit me like a brick being thrown into a window; I was falling in love with this girl. It was wrong though. That’s when I stopped. I put on the brakes with talking to her. She dated my best friend, which goes against the “Man Laws” in today’s society. I can’t just go against everything that I ever proclaimed about her and my relationship.

Three months later, the end of summer was coming. I was saying my goodbyes, so I thought that I should say goodbye to Lynne. I had tried to forget my feelings for her and for the most part it worked. I sent her a couple of text messages and asked her to play mini-golf with me. Beyond my belief, she agreed to this adventure that I was about to embark on. I never imagined how beautiful someone could be until I saw Lynne that night. She was a princess and then suddenly I realized that I wanted to be her prince.

Now fast forward to the evening of the movie and mini-golf. We started to open up to each other because all the situations in the past had ended. We were in a different dimension, a dimension of love. She hit me with a pillow, I fought back. The next thing I knew I was gazing into her eyes. I thought how could something be like this? I thought I had been in love before, but this was something else. Then a kiss. I didn’t know what to say. Everything I avoided in the past had come back. She’s the girl that I dreamed of.

After that night, no matter how many fights or break ups she and I will endure, she’ll always appear in my life in some way or another. As much as I didn’t want the relationship to begin, love kept drawing us in. I believe, love is a strong feeling that just can’t be forgotten.